A little update and a guest blogger – Algerian Flafla.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I hope to be back in the kitchen soon, but my mom is currently being hospitalized and it’s been quite a rollercoaster of a week.

On Friday night, the Husby, Fruitaholic and I were out to dinner when I got a phone call from my mom saying that they found her a heart.  We took our meal to go, went home and packed, dropped the Fruitaholic off at my in-laws and headed to the hospital.  We waited in her room with her until about 130am when they took her to the OR to prep for the surgery.

Around 345am, the surgical team came into the waiting room and told us that there was a problem with the donor heart, and that it was not in the condition to be transplanted.  Apparently none of the organs from the donor would be able to be used.  They said that it’s usually a tough decision as to whether or not to use the heart, but in this case, it was not a tough decision at all, and as much as we were all disappointed in the turn of events, they were as well.  The next step was to go ahead with the LVAD surgery, which they would do in a couple of days.

Mom had already been prepped for the surgery and had been administered the anesthesia so they would keep her under until much later that day.  They put in a balloon pump to help her heart pump more easily until the LVAD surgery.  Poor mama woke up thinking she was all fixed.  :/

They brought her out of the anesthesia slowly and we were able to see her around 5pm.  She had a breathing tube in so she was unable to speak but was drawing letters and indicated that she was sad.  She was breathing at 50% on her own, and they were going to test her gasses every hour and a half until they could take the tube out.  I went home around 730 and was really surprised to get a phone call from her around 9.  She sounded good, was disappointed but in otherwise good spirits.

The next day, they told us that they were going to postpone the surgery indefinitely to see if another heart would become available.  Right now (until Thursday I believe), she’s #1 on the transplant list.  We’re all keeping our fingers crossed.  Last night, the nurses even gave us the okay to order in Chinese food for dinner (her favorite)!

Thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.  She’s doing well right now, but it’s been such a double edged sword to know that someone has to die in order for my mom to live.

The incredible Lisa of Tastetastic Voyage offered to send over a few recipes while I’m away so that y’all aren’t left hungry.  She’s created a full meal of low sodium, heart healthy recipes to share with you this week, so head on over to for a yummy looking appetizer, Algerian Flafla.

**  If you are interested in doing a guest post within the next couple of weeks, please send me an email at thejeyofcooking@gmail.com **

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