Coke Slurpees at Home.

Happy 7-11 everyone!  Today is the day when the chain offers free slurpees for everyone, because after all, it is their day.  So head on over there today then follow the instructions below for Slurpees you can make without having to drive to the store!

One of my greatest guilty pleasures is a frozen Coke Slurpee.  You’ll never EVER find me sipping on another flavor of slushie goodness, so when I came across the “recipe” a couple of months ago, I literally squealed with delight and immediately got my Slurpee on.

If for some reason (although I can’t think of any good ones) you’re not a fan of Coke, you can use any regular (non-diet) soda for your Slurpee.

Coke Slurpees – from Bake at 350

  • 4 Cans or 48 oz Regular Coke
  • Ice cream maker

Pour the cold coke into the frozen bowl of the ice cream maker and allow to process for 20 minutes.

Sip, repeat, enjoy!

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4 responses to “Coke Slurpees at Home.

  1. You made my day. I’m making this today!

  2. I love, love, love this idea! I’ll definitely be trying this sometime this summer.

  3. i made it last night no ofense but 7 eleven slurpees are much nicer but the homemade slurpees were still really nice !!! do you have the mountain dew slurpee recipe i live in new zealand and theres no 7 eleven in new zealand
    !!!! thanks:)

  4. They are a great treat for when you can’t get to the store for a real Slurpee. To make a Mountain Dew slurpee, just substitute Mountain Dew for the Coke. You can use any flavor of full sugar pop.

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